Teaching Passionately

One of the most important things (or should I say the ultimate important thing) in teaching is passion. Well, I know that we need passion for everything that we do, but for teaching, passion really plays an important role.

If people say that teaching is easy, well you may say that it is a big lie. Because teaching has never been easy, especially for those who are not passionate on it. For example, myself. Since I can think about my future properly, I have known that teaching is one of those things that I don’t want to do as my future career. Why? Well, because I think I can’t teach. As simple as that. And from some experiences, I found out that I’m not mistaken. I really am a bad teacher. Hahaha.

I’m giving a private English course for a kid in fourth grade as a side job. This is the only one course that I’ve ever gave since forever. I’ve been doing this job for 9 months now. The only reason why I took this job months ago is because I was such a desperate jobless fresh graduate and I decided to take it simply because I need some activity to do after my college graduation. And the salary is also good.

I have no experience in teaching. That is if you don’t count my KKN program which is: teaching. Hahaha. But basically I really have no idea about teaching, how to teach properly or the best way to convey the lesson to the student. I know the theory, but theory is always easier to say than practical things, isn’t it? I’m still struggling with this teaching thing even until now after 9 months teaching. And it is only a 4th grader. What should I do if I have to teach some older student even older than me? I can’t imagine the nightmare.

Another thing about teaching is many people think that teaching is only a job that you can do after you can’t get your dreamed job. That is a big mistake. What if all teachers in this world have such mind set? That would be a disaster, really. Because something that is not done from the heart won’t give an optimum result. This is why I said passion, despite the brain, is very important in teaching. When you teach the student wholeheartedly, the result will be wonderful. You can find the solution for any problem you have in the teaching process and you love your student as much as you love yourself. You will give the best of you for them.

But, still, I’m not that kind of person. Hahaha. I enjoy my teaching job, but if you ask me whether I’ll do it as a lifetime career, I’ll still say no. And the reason is still because I’m not passionate on this thing, besides that I understand that I’m not a good teacher either. Lol. But still the main reason is because this is not the field where my passion lies.

So is there any more people who say that teaching is easy? I’ll hang them on the edge of a cliff. Hahaha. A good teacher will make a good student. A teacher really is a very important job and it is not something that you can do as you please. You need to have the brain and the passion. Both of them will make you a wonderful and unbeatable teacher.

Have a good teaching experience dear you all teachers in the world! ;)


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