Simple Thing about You

Tiramisu Cake

Tiramisu Cake

Do you know something that makes me love you till today? It is your ability to make everything seems easy to go through and although we had many disagreements and few little fights, we eventually will embrace one another again and we just put all past things behind. You are there, solidly, is enough for me and I can fight all the battle I have in my life. You know sometimes we disappoint each other, yeah, we did, and I still cannot believe how we managed ourselves to still be next to one another. You know, although we don’t have too many days out together lately though I’m actually craving for it, I’m not complaining. You are full with unexpected things and you always made most of my days. I know we don’t look like some other couples. I always think we are different in such ways. Like tiramisu, there are sweetness and little bit of bitterness. Bitterness is needed to balance the flavor. That’s what I see from us. Sweetness and bitterness on the right amount. I’m grateful for every bit part of our togetherness.



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